Serving Couture at House of Latex Vogue Ball

House of Latex Ball 2012

Photography As Emotion

“This is photography as emotion.
Jerry goes somewhere and makes you feel what it felt like,
not just what it looked like.”

— Eugene Richards on Jerry Berndt

Ghana is rising, but so are its dump-yards of cast-off appliances, for The Christian Science Monitor

Wood Green Sakura


The Tube, London


The Most Poetic Paragraph About Global Trade You’ll Ever Read

“Hong Kong’s trade with Africa gives off a peculiar sound – of packing tape being torn off a reel, and at Chungking Mansions the noise goes on deep into the night. Lagos … rip, rip. Nairobi … rip, rip. Abidjan … rip, rip. Hundreds of boxes are trussed up in China’s ubiquitous woven ­plastic fabric, called simply “red-white-blue”, and destinations scrawled on the side in black marker pen.

“Hey, Obama!” A Pakistani mobile phone trader, standing amid a drift of discarded mobile phone boxes, calls out to a passing Nigerian trader.

“Yes, Osama?” he replies.

“Yeah, Osama and Obama,” the phone trader shoots a wry smile. “Together we’re going to change the world!””

Where Africa goes to buy its mobile phones, Peter Shadbolt, The Financial Times, 2009.

Margaret Thatcher Effergy, Leicester Square, London

The Littlest Trader, Canaan Market, Guangzhou

Churros, Chocolate and a Very Grey London Afternoon


Shamian Island, Guangzhou, Chiana

Shamian Island, Guangzhou, China Shamian Island, Guangzhou, China Shamian Island, Guangzhou, China Shamian Island, Guangzhou, China

Checking Every Last Pair, Canaan Wholesale Market, Guangzhou, China


Somehow, they Sent Birthday Flowers to Guangzhou

Charmingly Tacky 80s-Era Hotel, Complete with Hookers (not pictured)


Gangnam from my Window, Seoul, South Korea

Gangnam, Seoul

Hachiko Crossing in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan